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  • Why Do Cats Purr?
    Cats purr for a variety of reasons, it may not mean what you expect. Read more
  • Why Does My Pet Need an Annual Physical Exam?
    An annual physical exam keeps your pet happy and healthy for as many years as possible. Read more
  • Why Does My Veterinarian Want a Stool Sample
    Collecting a stool sample is never glamorous, but it is important! Read more
  • Why Does My Rat Sneeze?
    A sneezy rat can be a frustrating nuisance! Find out more about this common condition, click through to our blog. Read more
  • Why Do Dogs Eat Poop
    Sometimes dogs eat poop for fun, sometimes for other reasons, who are we to judge? Read more
  • Understanding Your Cat's Vaccines and Why We Vaccinate
    Why Do We Vaccinate? As we discussed in our blog about dog vaccines, cats are also given several different vaccinations over the course of their lifetime. The vaccines that we give Read more
  • What Brand of Pet Food Should I Buy?
    That is the million-dollar question isn’t it? The pet food industry is literally a $60-billion dollar industry and every pet food company claims that their pet food is the best Read more
  • Strengthening the Human-Cat Bond Through Play
    Attention All Current and Future Cat Lovers! In recognition of December being National Cat Lovers Month (yes, it’s a thing), I wanted to talk all about kitties! We talk a lot Read more
  • Why Does My Cat Lick Me?
    Cats lick their owners for a variety of reasons, some not as common as you may think! Read more
  • Diabetes in Pets: What do I Need to Know?
    Diabetes in Pets: What do I Need to Know? November is Pet Diabetes month. If you aren’t familiar with diabetes, then it can be overwhelming if your pet is diagnosed with Read more
  • Know Your Vet: Dr. Latimer
    Today, we are happy to introduce our very own Dr. L. Gregg Latimer! Dr. Latimer was born in Salt Lake City, but raised in California and New York. Q: Why did you Read more
  • Winter Time and Pets: Do's and Don'ts
    Winter is almost upon us, the days are getting shorter, the sky is cloudy, and the leaves are falling. You no longer have to worry about heat exhaustion and dehydration Read more
  • How to Safely Have Fun With Your Pets on Halloween
    Halloween Fun “Fur” Everyone Halloween is my favorite holiday. You get to dress up, stay out late and eat a bunch of candy that was FREE! What more could you want Read more
  • Know Your Vet: Dr. Belnap
    Introducing (drumroll please) Dr. Eric D. Belnap!         Dr. Belnap was raised in Bountiful, Utah, though he also lived in London, England for 3 years in his youth. Read more
  • Making Your Cat's Trip to the Vet a Breeze!
    The dreaded vet’s office. Cats always know what’s up. As soon as you pull out the carrier, the most you’ll be seeing of your cat is a bristled tail underneath a Read more
  • Making Your Dog's Trip to the Vet a Breeze
    It’s that time of year again; time to get Brutus his annual vaccinations. I thought I had more time, surely we were just there?! This is a common sentiment amongst Read more


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