Meet Our Team

  • Bailee

    Bailee joined Sugar House Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 2016. She loves working with the friendly staff and clients at SHVH. Bailee has had a love for animals since she was a little girl. She enjoyed rescuing and rehabilitating any lost pets she came across growing up. Bailee plays just about every sport although soccer is her favorite! She also enjoys hiking and mountain biking. Bailee is a pet parent to a Pomeranian named Xander and a Tabby kitten named LowKey.

  • Erica

    Erica has been with Sugar House Veterinary Hospital since 2009. She specializes in our patient's quality of life exams, and is a great help in all areas of the hospital. Erica LOVES her family! When she is not at work, she is with family or friends. Erica is always finding ways to help her family. She loves working at Sugar House Vet and has made many life long friends; not just with co-workers, but also our clients. She has an amazing boyfriend and two naughty dogs whom she loves to pieces.

  • Jessica

    Jessica has worked at Sugar House Veterinary Hospital since 2008 and is the front office supervisor. She is also our veterinary technical nutrition counselor - doing everything from ordering products to educating our staff and clients about animal nutrition and prescription diets. Jessica has completed the veterinary technical nutrition counselor certification and the Hill's Veterinary nutritional advocate certification. 

  • Julie

    Julie has lived in the Sugar House area most of her life. She graduated from Highland High School and attended the University of Utah for 2 years. Julie has been employed with Sugar House Veterinary Hospital as a receptionist since 1988. Julie and her husband enjoy going on trips, and have visited many beautiful, interesting places in all 50 States. Julie also enjoys playing games with friends, and reading.

  • Laura

    After having graduated with a Masters in Social Work in 1985, Laura served as a mental health counselor. A dedicated pet enthusiast throughout her life, Laura became a happy client of Sugar House Veterinary Hospital in 1994 upon moving to the Salt Lake City area. Over the past 23 years, and throughout the lives of numerous beloved cats and dogs, she has appreciated the many fine services and professional staff provided by the hospital. When it came time to leave the corporate world, Laura knew that a continued focus upon her love of animals and working people was key to success in her retirement. Laura is currently the proud mom of 2 herding dogs, 3 Persian cats and a horse, Laura enjoys her role at Sugar House Vet. She especially enjoys the company of colleagues and clientele, and the gratification of helping to provide valuable services to the people and pets of the local community.

  • Lettie

    Lettie grew up in American Fork, Utah and moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. She applied for a job at Sugar House Veterinary Hospital to help pay for school. Lettie loves animals and has cared for: fish, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, sugar gliders, frogs, snakes, rats, dogs, and cats throughout her life. She currently is mother to two beta fish named Emrys and Balinor, a snail Gaius, and a dog named Red. Lettie loves reading, cooking, and learning new things. She hopes to one day become a massage therapist for animals as well as people.

  • Sam

    Sam started working at Sugar House Veterinary Hospital in August of 2015. She has been in the veterinary industry since she was 15 years old. Sam has always had a huge soft spot for animals. She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and recently moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Sam has a true passion for helping animals and she plans to expand her knowledge in the veterinary medical field as much as possible. Sam goes hiking A LOT and she loves to go back country camping. She has played volleyball since high school and is currently in a volleyball league. Same loves her job and the people she works with.

  • Tracy

    Tracy came to work at Sugar House Veterinary Hospital in 1991 as a receptionist. After seven years, she became a veterinary technician. Tracy enjoys the challenges and rewards of working in a veterinary hospital, and is grateful to be working in a profession where she is instrumental in helping pets live longer, healthier, happy lives with their families. Tracy's husband Terry also has a great love for animals. They have been married since 1983 and live in Sugar House with their miniature dachshund Katinka.

  • Brandon

    Bio coming soon..

  • Savanna

    Bio coming soon..


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